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J McKay Athletics Series- 101,202,303,404,505,606,707,808

When compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on athletic events, our safety equipment is intentionally appraised. Better ranks, lower medical bills, saving lives, reducing injuries, and pain-free lives are all benefits of investing in a healthy future of athletes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 19.3 percent of the U.S. population was engaged in sports and exercise each day in 2019. In 2018, unintentional injuries or accidents were the third leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for 6 percent of all deaths. An estimated 167,127 people died from unintentional injuries in 2018, with the highest death rates from unintentional injuries. JDCT has set out to create a series of smart athletic wear that fills the gap on protection where current active wear falls short, therefore JDCT has launched J McKay Athletics as a subsidiary doing business as JDCT to fulfill the lack of protective equipment in the athletic industry and healthcare field.

J McKay Athletics has a series of eight inventions; products that utilizes a patented structure unique to our company that lowers the risk of injury, allows for better breathing technique, enforces hydration and delivers medication. First, the athletic helmet and shoulder pads design (J-McKay Athletics Series 101) helps lower the risk of concussion and medical injuries. Our second product, the mouth guard (J McKay Athletics Series 202), can supply hydration and medication dispensed upon athlete’s command. Product number three is the athletic foot sleeve (J McKay Athletics Series 303), that lowers the risk of ankle, foot, and knee injuries for athletes. The nostril humidifier (J McKay Athletics Series 404), the fourth product in the series, is used by athletes to assist with better breathing techniques. The fifth product consists of fireproof athletic equipment (J McKay Athletics Series 505), that utilizes our patented structure on the chest and upper thigh lowering the risk of burns and injury from accidental fire explosions in athletic sports. Product six the special athletic suit (J McKay Athletics Series 606), is designed for long distance runners that provides hydration, medication and provides a reading of vital signs while running. The seventh product is a special glove (J McKay Athletics Series 707), that can be used for grappling and lowering the risk of hand injuries. Lastly, the wrist band (J McKay Athletics Series 808), provides athletes pertinent information while on the field, tracking timeouts, fouls, remaining time, etc. Every product in the J McKay Athletics Series can be used in any sport including but not limited to football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, basketball ,golf, boxing, racing, volleyball, the military, etc. They can even be employed by the medical field allowing injured people to gain the momentum of their normal life providing support to exercise healthily.

Initial market research has shown that these innovations have the potential to disrupt the current athletic garment industry by yielding high-risk, high-impact results that prove our patented structure to be safe, effective and reliable compared to current protective athletic wear. Yet, unproven, these products have only been patented, and not yet prototyped, tested and developed to determine feasibility. Funding is required to test and develop our structure to gather data that enforces the high potential of these technologies.

(J McKay Athletics Series- 101 & 202)

Sports and safety technology is a fast evolving sector in need of a solution to the apparent stop in helmet technology. While sports have become global activities, the safety equipment that surrounds them has required updating. This is particularly noticeable in the helmets that athletes wear season after season.

In every athletic field, there is a need for helmets that can help athletes stay safe from the risk of being injured or concussed. To be safe from serious medical injuries, athletes always prefer to wear a safe and well-crafted helmet without compromising on the quality. Our state-of-the-art athletic helmet help athletes to lower the risk of concussion and injury at all costs. Over the past two decades, 63 US football players have died from heat stroke. Dehydration-Related injuries is the #1 cause of death and disability among high school athletes annually, averaging over 9,000 cases nationwide. Every professional athlete has a dire need for hydration during play no matter the sport. The MOUTHGUARD is a game-changing, smart wearable that will assist athletes of all ages, skill levels, and sports to enhance their performance by providing unprecedented, real-time supply of hydration and medication upon the command given out by the athlete while they train and compete.

Our founders have spent decades researching the link between brain damage and the design of helmets. The newest Athletic helmet technology J McKay Athletics Series- 101 & 202 is the result of this profound expertise and unmatched experience.

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Delivering Medications

Assisting with body mechanics

Lowering the risk of injuries and consussions

Lower the risk of injury to






(J McKay Athletics Series- 303)

For an athlete, there is always a risk of a foot, ankle, leg, or knee injury. To lower the risk for ankle, foot, and knee injuries for athletes we are offering the athletic foot sleeve. Each sleeve has advanced compression technology that helps to increase circulation in the foot and decrease stiffness while also providing stability.

Our Athletic Foot Sleeve provide outstanding protection with a single quick-fit strap that can be adjusted to fit both low-top and high-top shoes.

For activities such as volleyball, basketball, and football, this shoe fits either the left or right foot and provides optimum performance and protection.

The feather-light, custom molded cushioning fits every curve of the ankle in this elegant, and less-bulky foot sleeve.

(J McKay Athletics Series- 404)

If you’re an athlete and living in a low-humidity area, you’re well aware of how dry the air can be and how difficult it may be to breathe. You may be exposed to various consequences and illnesses, such as sinusitis, congestion, sinus infections, and a dry nose.

Athletes exert a great amount of energy on the field causing breathing difficulties. To solve this problem, our nostril humidifier is the one stop solution that athletes can use to assist with better breathing techniques.

the nostril air humidifier assists

Provided Oxygen

Stopping Bacteria

Stopping Dust Particles

Neutralize Cold Air

Special Athletic Fire Suit Features

Infrared Camera

Heat Sensors

Carbon Monoxide Foam Dispensers

Urinary System

(J McKay Athletics Series- 505)

If you’re not wearing fire-proof equipment, lash fires can inflict significant injuries and burns. Our fireproof athletic equipment will keep you safe! Because they are flame retardant, they help to avoid or lessen serious injuries.

Synthetic materials melt and leak in flames, exposing and damaging the skin. Because our equipment is made of 100% flame proof materials, our equipment will never drop, melt, or catch fire. In fact, the equipment can detect a fire through precise and ultramodern sensors and put the fire out by dispensing Carbon Monoxide (CO) foam as quickly as possible.

Lightweight athletic wear is hazardous because it can allow flames or sparks to readily flow through and singe your flesh. With its thick 7 oz. material, this product for men and women prevents this problem and keep them safe from fire.

(J McKay Athletics Series- 606)

We have developed new smart apparel that incorporates body sensors into the fabric. Smart Garments from J McKay Athletics can monitor activity and vital signs. The body sensors can detect motions to help you get the most out of your activity, making training easy. Our Smart Athletic Wear is suitable for both juniors and adults.

Athletic wear can be used during a running marathon. It provides hydration, medication, and vital signs while an athlete is running. It’s a highly useful, unique, and problem-solving product that makes its users comfortable and safe.

Special Marathon Runners Wear Features

Dispatch Liquids

Equipped with a Defibrillator

Headband Camera

Medical Attention Wristband

Special Athletic Glove Features

Special Foam

Special Thin Rubber

Oil Capacity

Lowering the risk of injuries and consussions

(J McKay Athletics Series- 707)

About 25 percent of all sports injuries involve the hand. Use these special gloves while training to avoid the injuries. We have done in-depth research on numerous professional boxers and their injuries. After many months of development, we have designed a glove that can help reduce the impact on the hand while training. The Gloves can be used for grappling and lowering the risk of hand injuries for athletes.

(J McKay Athletics Series- 808)

The Wrist Band’s goal is to teach you how to reach your highest level of performance during the game, whether that’s through telling you how many hours of play you have done or what level of play your body is dealing with. Wrist Band is all about creating a forward-thinking mindset on how to train properly.

Every game is bound to rules and timings therefore this wristband can tell the athlete how many timeouts, fouls, and the total remaining time is left for a live environment for the game.

Special Wrist Band Features

Pulse Sensor

Defibrillator Shock Sensor

Radia Frequency Transceiver

Special Athletic Glove Features

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(J McKay Athletics Series- 707)

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