What We Offer?

Business and technology have been profoundly altered as a result of market dynamics. Customer expectations evolve, business reliability deteriorates, and the need for digital transformation accelerates. In the face of these shifting dynamics, how can the great firms survive and thrive?

The answer is our top notch services:

Invention Consulting

For a limited amount of time, Just Draft Creations and Technologies LLC will be offering invention consulting services for independent inventors. What makes the Invention Consulting services so special at JDCT? McKay is an Inventor himself that owns two patents, and he has extensive experience in research and development, product development, architectural drafting, and draftsman skills; McKay will assist you with the following regarding the invention consulting services:

JDCT will prepare your Prototype Engineering Drawings and Full Detail Description of your invention. JDCT will make any improvements to the Inventor’s idea and it shall be disclosed to INVENTOR, and JDCT further agrees to assign such improvements to the INVENTOR, and to execute any and all further documents as may be requested by INVENTOR to perfect the rights of the INVENTOR to such information. These services are very beneficial for the Inventor and rare to find!

If you are interested please download the non-disclosure agreement, and mail it back to us signed with your form of payment; or send it to us via e-mail at jstnmckay@yahoo.com. Tell us your idea and we will help you achieve memorable results. If you have any inquiries about our products and services, feel free to contact us!

Process of Form Completion

  1. Download the PDF form.
  2. Print the form and fill in the required information.
  3. Once you’ve filled in the details, you can either:
    1. Complete the following form and attach the filled form in the “Attach the Fillable Form” field, then submit the form.
    2. Or, you can share it directly with this (jstnmckay@yahoo.com) e-mail without using this form.
  4. You can also mail the filled form at 8362 Pines Boulevard #350 Pembroke Pines, FL 33024. Please address our company name on your mail, and send us an email to inform us that the form was mailed.
  5. All forms of payments accepted can be check, cashiers check, or money order and can be sent in the mail.
Computer Hardware Development

    Computer Hardware Development
    Computer Hardware Development

    Scientific and Technological Services

    High-end research, assessments, and strategic planning for cutting-edge technologies that safeguard the life of common people are provided by Just Draft Creations and Technologies LLC. As a full service competitive firm offering a wide variety of research-based services, we uniquely combine our best-in-class research expertise with traditional management disciplines to provide clients with fact-based support. For both short and long-term initiatives, we offer a number of services to management agencies, laboratories, and policy groups, including:

    Research and Design

    We invest in our clients to increase revenue and develop brands utilizing an in-house model based off a robust network of sources within a broad range of industries. The process of turning a concept into a commercial product may be complicated and diverse. Just Draft Creations and Technologies LLC collaborates with innovators on varying projects to overcome the challenges of product design, engineering, and production by providing expertise across the industry spectrum.

    Computer Hardware Development
    Computer Hardware Development

    Industrial Analysis and Research

    Customer focus is the ultimate solution. Customer-obsessed businesses develop twice as quickly as non-customerobsessed businesses. With our in-depth Industrial Analysis and Research Services, you can create a customerfocused company and close the gap between bold vision and exceptional impact.

    Taking a product from concept to reality can be time-consuming and costly, especially for small firms without the knowledge, finances, and technological capabilities to bring a product forward. To reduce risks and guarantee that a product’s debut to the market is a success, we are here to help.

    Understanding your customer is critical when developing an idea to product pipeline. Customer- centric business models have proven to develop twice as quickly as non-customer-centric models. With our in-depth Industrial Analysis and Research Services, you can create a customer-focused company and close the gap between bold vision and exceptional impact.

    Design and Development of Computer Hardware and Software

    Just Draft Creations and Technologies LLC has a long history of providing creative and competitive solutions to clients in a variety of sectors, thanks to its extensive knowledge and proven track record in hardware product design and embedded systems development.

    Our team will assist your project initiatives throughout the product lifecycle, since we have a strong blend of hardware engineering and software development expertise.

    Computer Hardware Development


    There are important legal issues in nearly every element of a modern organization. To successfully manage them, you must first clearly grasp your legal regulations in your geography, industry, and company model, and then know how to transform perspective into strategy. JDCT will assist with all research and development services only.

    Please be advised that JDCT will not provide any legal services to customers and partners. JDCT is not a law firm therefore we can’t offer legal advice. JDCT has obtained legal counsel for intellectual property matters from the law firm Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, and Gilchrist P.A. located at 255 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1401 Orlando, Florida ; and 1221 Brickell Avenue Suite 2400 Miami, Florida 33131. JDCT will only engage and seek intellectual property services with Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, and Gilchrist P.A. regarding obtaining patents, copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property litigation, intellectual property transactions, business litigation, alternative dispute resolution, franchising, and online and computer technology matters. Third party law firms seeking to partner with JDCT will not be accepted under any circumstance; unless a licensing agreement is in place between JDCT and a manufacturer, that has already obtained intellectual property counsel prior to a partnership with JDCT.